Step inside the one-stop game shop with a twist of goth

1 August 2023

If you have a passion for games, dragons, goth and crystals, you might be surprised to hear there’s a business in Colne that caters for all this and more.

Located on Church Street in the town centre, Saint’z Dragons was created after owner Shauna wanted to combine her love for all things “geeky and alternative’ under one roof, whilst sharing her passion with other like-minded people.

It may look a modest space from the outside, but Shauna has packed a lot across the two floors, as well as hosting games and being an official Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament store, wizards play network store and an official Play! Pokémon store.

“I’ve always had a passion for collecting Pokémon and to now officially host leagues and events is a dream for me! To own a geeky goth shop that is everything I love is something I never thought in a million years I would be where I am now.

“I always had a love for little Gothic shops back in the late 90s early 00s. There were plenty of them about, but then they seemed to decline – and I was determined to revive this! Since I set up Saint’z Dragons, I’ve seen a rise in them again, but never anything like mine as I combine several elements into one,” Shauna explains.

Come to Colne for something different

How did Shauna turn her dream into a reality on Colne high street?

Around seven years ago, she was selling craft supplies and creating dragons, starting off at local craft fairs before expanding into Colne Market Hall. However, her popularity continued to grow and eventually led to Shauna moving her expanding business into its current premises on Church Street.

It’s important to Shauna to support other crafters and artists and she stocks the creations of others in her shop too. 

“I’ve found my niche within a busy market town that offers a great range of small businesses. I’ve brought something that no one else does to the town; even in bigger towns and cities, I’ve not found a shop that combines all these things together like Saint’z Dragons does,” Shauna continues.

She encourages people to come and take a look, with a huge array of items available aside from game products, including clothing, Warhammer, modal paints, comic books, collectibles and horror dolls.

There are also weekly game nights and the agenda is packed. From 6pm every Thursday there are board games, from 7pm on Fridays there is magic, Saturday mornings host Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments, whilst Saturday afternoons at 2.30pm are the Pokémon club.

 ”We have built a great and ever growing community in a town that’s full of diversity and we offer a safe space for everyone to come and game at!” Shauna concludes.

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