As Bonnie Colne sits on a ridge, you can’t walk very far at all without taking in some spectacular views of the upland Pennine countryside all around.  Similarly, there is no need to drive to the magnificent landscape when you can walk to it, because it is right on our doorstep.  Take a look at our fabulous range of walks, many of which are circular.  Some, like the Pendle Three Peaks, require oodles of stamina and grit, but we have even more that are pleasing rambles, such as The East Colne Way, the Canal Walks or the Castercliffe Circular Walk.  There is simply no excuse not to get out, fill your lungs with lots of lovely fresh air and commune with the glorious nature that is all around us!  Do remember to listen out for the haunting cry of the curlew in spring and summer.

Pendle's Three Peaks

Gloriously varied and unspoilt countryside awaits those who walk Pendle’s Three Peaks. The Three Peaks in question are Pendle Hill, Boulsworth Hill, and Weets Hill and all have their own very unique character. Pendle Hill is magnificent and brooding, and at 1,838 feet its almost a mountain. The picturesque villages in the lea of the hill all have stories of the Pendle Witches to tell. Weets Hill at 1,310 feet tall has great views of the Yorkshire Dales, and Boulsworth Hill at 1,706 feet has dramtaic crags and moorland. There is a “Pendle’s Three Peaks” booklet available for a small charge at Pendle’s Tourist Information Centres which gives the routes for all three peaks or dowload the route on this website….so what’s stopping you! Come and walk our three peaks, and make a weekend of it!

East Colne Way

The East Colne Way is a 5 mile circular walk starting from Lakeside Cafe, Ball Grove Park, just outside Colne. Described as a walk through the green lungs of Colne, you are not far from the end of the M65, but could be miles from anywhere in beautiful countryside on this walk.

Castercliffe Circular Walk

“Our walk starts from the Admiral Lord Rodney pub (01282 870083) and sets off running alongside Pendle Water. We soon take a path over the hills towards Trawden and take a route back towards Colne through this attractive area of Pennine Lancashire. We walk across the site of an iron age Hill Fort with its spectacular 360° views of the surrounding hills before dropping back into Colne.”

Brontes Circular Walk

This lovely 6 mile circular walk takes you around Trawden and Wycoller. The Bronte Sisters, famous for their literary work, gathered inspiration for their books from the people and countryside around them. They often walked to Wycoller in Pendle, with its beautiful countryside, and colouful local characters. One such character was Squire Cunliffe and his family who lived in Wycoller Hall, which was “Ferndean Manor” in Charlotte Bronte’s novel “Jane Eyre”.

Winewall Circular Walk

“On this walk we take an attractive circuit through the farmed landscape in the very east of the County of Lancashire. On the walk you can enjoy the rich pattern of old farm houses and traditional drystone walls which make this landscape so distinctive. We take you to the villages of Laneshaw Bridge and Winewall which each developed from their strong links with the surrounding countryside”

Ferndean Way

The Ferndean Way is a lovely route from historic Waterside in Colne, visiting not one, but two beautiful country parks.

Foulridge Beating the Bounds

The custom has taken place in Britain in a variety of forms for 2,000 years. Maps were rare and the position of boundaries was passed on by word of mouth. It became usual to make a formal perambulation or walk of the boundaries to check that no one had moved any of the marker stones or laid claim to your land. This walk covers the parish of Foulridge and takes in a wide variety of landscapes; from the gentle, flat setting around the Leeds & Liverpool Canal reservoirs, to the remote higher ground, offering spectacular views of the magnificent Pendle countryside. There are numerous pubs and eating establishments in the centre of the village close to the start and end point of this walk. These include three village pubs, a chip shop and café.